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Communication system

Communication system- 1. On the way to Natore District, joining the joint bus, Singra upazila will come and then after adding a rickshaw, auto ricks, CNG from Singra, then come to Dahiya Union or Biash Bazar, rickshaw, auto rickshaw, Located. Approximate distance of 12 kilometers from Dahiya Union Parishad from Singra upazila Dahiya Union Parishad is located in Biash Bazar.

Singara's bus ticket from Natore - 20 / = Taka, followed by Singra Union Parishad from Singra or auto rickshaw and CNG to come to Biyash Bazar- 30 Taka

Rastapakh is another one from Rattal to Biyash Bazar to come from Biyas to night rent 30 taka and from night to Singara rent 20